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My Theory: I’m an honesty evangelista. But it’s not just me. Elizabeth Gilbert (she’s the gal who eats, prays and loves) claimed: Tell the truth, tell the truth, tell the truth. You Mom may have mentioned, at one time or another, to “be yourself”. Reality shows are, um, all about it. Blogs are telling it like it is. I’m really just following suit.

And not only can your customers handle it. They’ll love you for it. It’s only when we get real and say phooey to formality that a message makes impact. Ask Copyblogger. Or Apple. Or Einsteins.

Jakob’s Theory: Circa 1999, when my cell phone was bigger than a smart phone and all it did was make phone calls, usability guru Jakob Nielsen explained the Internet’s demand for a different messaging style than traditional print.

A television commercial, he said, is instrumental.  Hits you over the head.  Speaks with authority. Doesn’t wait or care for a response. But online messaging should be constructive.  A conversation.  A two-way street with equality.

Now that compelling theory applies in every medium.  It’s time for traditional media to communicate constructively and level the playing field. The consumer, with their forums, blogs, tweets and texts, already has.