Marketing Communications

Have you ever seen a movie where the heroine breezes into a big time office with her polka-dot heels and hair chopsticks (I mean who really gets those to work?) and transforms the corporately crappy message into a smart and sassy new campaign, which makes everyone wonder what the hell happened, but they don’t care, because margaritas are now being served in the lobby?

Yeah, well, this is my fantasy, too. But I’m not Jennifer Garner and reality is never quite  so speedy or sensational. Cubicles are gray for a reason. Change is rock-hard. But still, it happens. . .I specialize in taking corporate messages from robotic to real. . .with, (hopefully) a dash of humor when legal isn’t looking.

Along the way, I project manage, hold stakeholder’s hands, lead writing teams , organize editorial schedules, develop relationships with holy-shit-batman-amazing resources and develop structure in the form of style guides, approval processes and SME touchpoints.

Yes, I’m one of those LINEAR creative people.

I’ve done this sort of thing for Ping Identity, Xcel Energy, Dex Media, Great West Healthcare & CIGNA and several others. But guess what? While I know all that work sounds incredibly exciting (!!) it just doesn’t flow into a portfolio very well. If you want to know more, give me a call–or better yet give Maris Group a call. They’re awesome and have placed me in several positions over the years.