Editorial, Blogging & Tweeting

Look I’m no expert on social media strategy yet.  I’m still sort of buggering around in Beta land at this point. But I can drum up a bunch of posts for you–helping your bad-ass brand go from trivial to trend-setting and random to relevant with zany content.

And I’m an experienced blogger. And when I say blog, I mean two different things:

X) a fairly polished piece with relevance, insight and value with your voice and my edge
Y) a witty,brief and wild post designed to make readers think hard or spend more on anything from owl backpacks to gluten-free bison-burgers.

In fact, these publications and trend watchers either landed on my doorstep after a drink or two at the British Ambassador’s residence in Sofia or found my blog and said “We like your style. Wanna write for us?”: Gaiam,  easyJetDesign Bureau,  Josh SpearVagabond,  White Baboon and Resolution Research.

And just a little bit of Andrea Trivia: I was selected to participate in WorldNomads Van-Tastic Adventure, where I would be given an Van, complete with laptop, audio equipment, phone, sleeping arrangements and mobile kitchen to drive across my choice region of Australia for six whole weeks. In return, I would document our adventure with weekly blogs and podcasts. But getting to Australia proved difficult–bye bye bloggopportunity. But our overland couchsurfing and hitchhiking route took us through Lebanon, Jordan, Northern Iraq, Israel, EgyptKenya and Rwanda. It was trippy.