Bloomingdales & Mastercard: A Match Made of Money

by Andrea Enright on July 28, 2011

Category: Messaging

What they Wanted
:  Customers to use their credit card, cash in their shopping rewards and earn points like a pro.

What I Had to Do:
Come up new concepts around lines of credit and luxury while staying within the Bloomingdales boundaries for brand and style.

What I Really Had to Do
: With five different reward levels, inactive and active versions for each and multiple pieces including buckslips, coupons, card carriers, envelopes, letters, brochures and certificates, this was a complex project requiring nuanced detail, creative reinvention and lots of shopping and travel lingo.

What I Learned:
There is nuance, thought, research and sometimes wringing of hands put into every marketing message we receive. As the consumer gets savvier, so are companies. If we demand a deal, they’ll give us one.
Credit: MaryJo Cameron of Gaiam and Party City fame, introduced me to Heinrich, who brought me in for the project.

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