Boston Market: Training, Development and all the Trimmings

by Andrea Enright on July 28, 2011

Category:  Messaging 

Background: Lucky for Boston Market, comfort food has become a serious trend. Mac and cheese–thankfully without the hot dogs–is now a standard appetizer and creamed spinach a popular side dish.  Having attended many a potluck in my midwestern upbringing, this was right up my alley, or should I say rural route.

What they Wanted: To attract the right managers with a brand-reflective recruitment piece. Pun-filled, but professional, this eight-insert folder portrays the Boston Market benefits, history, brand promise, training program, compensation, career opportunities, vision, values and application process with contemporary, home-cooked reassurance.

Why I Could Deliver:
One of my major roles is to take something otherwise humdrum (HR, anyone?) and make it memorable.

An old book club friend, Ann Lillie recommended me for this project. Then, I worked on it with Eron Weaver, who later ended up joining the Peace Corps at the same time as my husband and I did.

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