Writing, Organizing and Relationships

These are the three most important thing to me. They are what give me flow.

Writing: I am  helplessly in love with the power of a story. For 13 years, I merged cubicle with cutting edge for clients like CIGNA, Hunter Douglas, Chipotle and Bloomingdales.
Organizing: I find it therapeutic.  I believe in hard work, lots of labels, prompt responses, excel spreadsheets and using bold in emails. My chaos tolerance is low. Houses with simultaneous television sets, pets and children are very overwhelming for me.
Relationships:  I think relationships are the single most important thing in our lives. Connecting gives me energy. We are all human and the illusion of separateness sucks.

How it all Started
A graduate of University of Illinois at a time when America was still on top, I cut my teeth as an editor in the Denver dotcom world at Modern Bride Magazine. After the two-hour Cherry Creek lunches ended in 2001, I started my copywriting business, attended an obscene number of networking events and turned a profit the next year. I did corporate and contemporary and took pride in making the ho-hum hip. My website, at the time, turned some heads. I wasn’t afraid to be human and it totally worked!

Four years later, somehow receiving less satisfaction than I once imagined from overpriced hair highlights and Banana Republic purchases, we rented out our house and joined the Peace Corps in Sofia, Bulgaria. It was like learning to fly. I provided marketing and structure for a fair-trade organization and helped a young Habitat for Humanity get off the ground and acted in a few really bad sci-fi movies. No, seriously.

There wasn’t a mud hut in site, but sifting through post-communist dust, suspicion and fatalism proved an enormous challenge–and I wrote about all of it as a blogger and a journalist. After finishing our service, we couchsurfed and hitchhiked through Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Northern Iraq, Jordan, Israel, Egypt, Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda, volunteering for room and board as we went, picking olives on the Mediterranean as part of WWOOF, authoring articles for EasyJet, rewriting a hotel website on the Red Sea, creating a non-profit website for a Palestinian-supporting organization in Beirut and teaching computer classes to Ugandan orphans. I was the first featured travel blogger for WhiteBaboon.com, contributed regularly to Josh Spear and I was selected to participate in the World Nomads Vantastic Competition across Australia. Yeah, it was crazy.

America, Babies & Yoga
We returned in 2008 and I discovered that while life abroad was simple, but inconvenient, life here in America is convenient, but complicated. Somewhere between the excitement of Bhakti Chai and Mad Men,  I birthed a baby girl, Scarlett Enright Boudreaux, (without an epidural, btw) and settled back into the writing life and got certified to be a Vinyasa yoga teacher with Shannon Paige Schneider, which I can very fairly say transformed my life.

I Think I Wanna Be a Content Broker. . . .Yeah, a Content Broker
Somewhere around 2010, I started getting a lot of business. More than I could handle. And some stuff I didn’t want to handle. And I realized that I could farm out my content work to the trusted network of writers I’d created over the years. And at the same time, i could support contractors with quality gigs, a perfect client match and actual advocacy. But there was no way I was calling myself a staffing agency. Too corporate. Too cold. My people were all personally recommended.